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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

TERRE HAUTE: News 10 going HD on Monday

After 58 years, TV station getting ready to move to its new home

We've known for a while that WTHI-TV would soon be vacating its longtime home at 918 Ohio St. in downtown Terre Haute, and it looks like this week is the last before the station moves a block west to its beautiful new home at 8th and Ohio.

And, with the move will come a transition to news in high definition, according to the station's Facebook page.

Last week, someone at WTHI posted a preview photo of the station's new news set on Facebook, but that photo was quickly removed.  Based on what I saw before its removal, though, it appears the station hasn't gone too far "out there" with its new look, but instead chose a functional and modern layout that should be pleasing to the eye.

I guess viewers will find out for sure on Monday!

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