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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Graphic anti-abortion ads debut today in Ky. 2nd district Congressional race

Andrew Beacham
Activist running against Guthrie doesn't live in the district - or the state

A graphic new anti-abortion campaign commercial will air 22 times on television stations in Louisville, Bowling Green and Evansville between now and Friday, and there's nothing anyone can do about it - but at least one station will make an effort to warn its viewers.

Andrew Beacham, an Indiana anti-abortion activist who is running - despite federal law that requires candidates for Congress to live in the state where they run for office - against Kentucky's incumbent Republican 2nd District Congressman, Brett Guthrie, is running the ads.  He's made a pretty powerful charge - that President Obama has been giving Planned Parenthood money "to murder babies."

The ad shows "a dismembered fetus and images of dead Christians and Jews," according to an Associated Press report.

Beacham is one of seven candidates running for Congress who are affiliated with Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry, who himself ran for president this year, appearing on the ballot in just four states (Alaska, Missouri, New Hampshire and Oklahoma). All are using similar commercials.

As for Beacham's ad, at least one station - WBKO in Bowling Green - intends to warn its viewers of the commercial's graphic content.

"[W]e have no right to censor the ad, and we can't refuse it either," said Rick McCue, the station's general manager. "We can at least give people a heads up, and we intend to do that," McCue said, explaining that his station would do so through the use of a disclaimer. "How we're going to word it, I don't know yet."

And this may not be the last we hear from Beacham or Terry's other candidates.  Terry has plans in place to use at least 12 such commercials between now and the election on Nov. 6.

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