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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Help wanted: Nexstar posts WEHT/WTVW news director opening

ND experience, online/social media experience, solid journalism skills sought

While we still don't know why Bob Walters was let go as news director at WEHT/WTVW earlier this week, there is now some clarity when it comes to what qualities Nexstar is looking for in his replacement.

The company has officially posted the position on its website, and there are four duties and responsibilities that come with the job.  These are taken verbatim from that posting:
1. Hands on news manager
2. Coaches and develops talent
3. Leads news departments for two stations
4. Desire to own the big news story
In addition, the ideal candidate must have a minimum of five years' experience managing a news department, 10 years in a news department, prior experience with online and social media, and preferably a degree in journalism.

"Solid journalism skills" are listed under the heading of "Special Skills Required."

WEHT/WTVW's news director position is one of 32 such jobs that are open nationwide as of this week.  Five of those openings (including this one) are new.

In other news at Nexstar, the company is also seeking a replacement for Jeremy Moore, the former production operations manager at WTWO in Terre Haute.  Moore, as I reported yesterday, has been transferred to WEHT/WTVW as a replacement for John Payne, who was relieved as production manager last week.


Hot Rod said...

I nominate Jake Newkirk. He's the only one around who has a nose for the news. Go for it, Jake!

Jake's DTV Blog said...

Thanks, Hot Rod ... I like what I'm doing, though! :-)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Evansville news, what are the ratings after all the changes in the past year?

Jake's DTV Blog said...

I honestly don't know. I wish I had that information. Nielsen won't share the numbers without a fairly large cash payment, and that's something I just can't afford, unfortunately. Believe me, I would if that were possible.

Anonymous said...

Any word on local news at either wevv affiliate coming back? I feel like we really only have two news organizations now and should at least have 3!

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you buy a building, not a business; your merger is a takeover; and your corporate masters can't understand why the ratings didn't follow. " we have their name now, we should have the viewers no matter what kind if job we do." Maybe if they had kept they people that made 25 what it was, they wouldn't have what they do now. As far as ratings, they started sliding the first book after takeover.