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Monday, April 23, 2012

Whitney Ray named new Eyewitness News co-anchor

Whitney Ray
Eyewitness News has a new co-anchor - one who will be familiar to many Tri-State viewers.

Local 7 WTVW and WEHT Local announced this afternoon that Whitney Ray will co-anchor Eyewitness News in the afternoon and evening with veteran news anchor Brad Byrd at 4, 5, 6 and 10 p.m. on WEHT Local and at 6:30 p.m. on Local 7.

Born and raised in Evansville, Ray began her career at WBKO-TV in Bowling Green, Ky., where she produced and hosted Midday Live.  And, of course, prior to Nexstar's purchase of WEHT last year, she spent three years as co-anchor and reporter for WEHT’s Daybreak morning newscast.

"Being a part of Eyewitness News is very special to me," Ray said in a statement.  "I grew up in Evansville and have lived here the past three decades.  I can remember watching my mother as a reporter for WEHT in the 80’s.  And, I knew then that I wanted to be a part of that one day."

"We are delighted to welcome Whitney Ray back to WEHT as she brings the right skill set, community knowledge and commitment to serve as a successful co-anchor in the market," said Arika Zink, vice-president and general manager at WEHT/WTVW.

"Whitney Ray is a true professional and a Tri-state native. Whitney was raised in Evansville and went to school in Evansville -- she is Evansville," said Eyewitness News lead anchor Brad Byrd. "I am honored and looking forward to working with Whitney at the anchor desk. Her experience as our former WEHT Local Daybreak anchor demonstrates that she is a dedicated journalist who communicates directly with our local viewers with warmth and compassion. I welcome Whitney and I know our loyal Eyewitness News viewers will too."


Anonymous said...

Who is her mother?

Anonymous said...

yeah no shit-who's her mom?

Jake's DTV Blog said...

Calm down, guys (just messing!) ... I had to consult my references as I knew who she was but her name escaped me. She is Laura Ray, and she left WEHT in the mid-'80s.

Anonymous said...

you do a grteat job on the news cast , how old is your beaby, wish we could see a pic , and girl you have lost alot of weight , you look so good . your news channel is my fav. all of you do a great job. sorry about some spelling , hit some wrong keys , lol.