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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nexstar beginning consolidation of NEWS 25 and WTVW operations and personnel

The beginning of the combination of WEHT-NEWS 25 and Local 7 WTVW is apparently now at hand.

Reliable sources close to the situation have said that Nexstar Broadcasting chairman, president and CEO Perry Sook and co-chief operating officer Timothy Busch visited Henderson yesterday for a meeting with the staff of NEWS 25.  Those sources also report that Local 7, which currently operates from studios at 477 Carpenter Street in downtown Evansville, is to be moved into NEWS 25's studios at 800 Marywood Drive in Henderson.  That move is expected to take place sometime in December.

It also appears that NEWS 25's personnel will have to re-apply for their current positions.  Layoffs are said to be likely, although it is unclear at this point how many positions will be consolidated.

The re-application process for NEWS 25 employees will begin in late September, and the sale of the station to Nexstar is now expected to close at some point between November and January.

The changes are being made as a result of Nexstar's pending purchase of WEHT from Gilmore Broadcasting, along with the spinoff of WTVW to Mission Broadcasting, both of which are awaiting FCC approval. WTVW, which must be sold because of FCC ownership limits in smaller markets, will continue to be operated by Nexstar under a local management agreement.  


Jake Hamilton said...

Kind of confused by this. Their news operations will be the same now? I'd assume so if they're going to be in the same facilities...

Jake's DTV Blog said...

That appears to be the situation as I understand it now. We'll know more as things move forward.

Just Thinking... said...

I feel that this is a sad day for Evansville Television. WTVW under control by WEHT will not be allowed to compete with WEHT. There will probably be some token News@9:00 but no separate news division. This is only my opinion and I hope that it's wrong. No matter how this is spun I see nothing positive coming out of this. When the dust settles WTVW will be reduced to nothing more than another WAZE in the Evansville market. I hate to sound pessimistic but it is realistic. R.I.P. WTVW and good luck to all of the employees of WTVW & WEHT who will lose jobs because of this.

rnash said...

When WEVV took the Fox Affiliation, you asked the GM there about news, and he said they were waiting for the right time... Sounds to me like January is the right time.