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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Insight "Boxless" lineup changing next week: Customers with digital TVs will need to rescan

Insight Communications is taking another step in its transition to a digital television network and will be making enhancements to its "Boxless" channel lineup next week.

If you previously rescanned a digital tuner-equipped TV as part of the Digital 6.10 Upgrade, you'll need to rescan one more time next week to ensure that you get all the channels you should have.
This change only applies to customers with a digital television.  If you have a digital box or Mini Box, you'll not need to do anything.
"We are asking customers to do this because we are taking the step to better group our digital channels closer to one another," said Insight's Jason Keller. "This will make the channel surfing experience much better for customers who have chosen the 'boxless' option. It will also give us the technical ability to provide even more advanced services in the near future."
You can see the new "Boxless" lineup cards by clicking the images at left.
"Moving forward, we would also encourage these customers to continue rescanning their televisions from time to time," Keller added. "Insight regularly adds new TV channels to our lineup and these periodic re-scans will ensure 'Boxless' customers continue to get every new channel."
Customers who need assistance performing this channel scan can tune to channel 20-14 or visit for more information.

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