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Friday, June 24, 2011

WEVV lights up new low-power digital station for Fox

UPDATE #2, 11:35 PM:  Courtesy of webmaster Trip Ericson, you can also see a better, more detailed coverage map that I've linked to below.

UPDATE, 10:05 PM:  After rescanning the TV sets connected to my "good" antenna, I am getting a 54% signal from W47EE-D on those sets.  This is comparable to the signal I get from WTSN-LD (channel 36.1), which is located closer to me.

Earlier today, WEVV turned on a new low-power digital station ― W47EE-D, channel 47.1 ― that was granted special temporary authority by the FCC earlier this month.

W47EE-D is currently simulcasting My44's programming (found on channel 44.2), but in 720p high definition.  According to the station's recent filing with the FCC, the station will be used for airing Fox44 programming in HD and providing that feed to cable and satellite.

If you live within the circled area as shown on this map (or this better, more detailed one from, try rescanning your TV (if you're using an antenna).  As of right now, I'm getting a steady 32% signal from the southwest side of Owensboro ... which, in my experience, is pretty good for a low-power at my location.

Thanks to Frank Hertel for the heads-up!

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Trip said...

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