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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Don't call it MyFox44: WEVV draws from its history, changes name of new Fox station to Fox44

WEVV has unveiled the new logo for its new Fox channel, and one look will tell you that the name is shorter than originally announced.

Yes, that's right ... the new station will be called "Fox44," the name that WEVV used from 1987 to 1995, when it became a CBS affiliate.  (This time around, CBS programming will remain on CBS44 - channel 44.1 - and Fox programming will be on channel 44.2.)

But why the name change from the previously-publicized "MyFox44?"

"(W)e felt it was necessary to utilize 'Fox44' instead as a means of bringing everyone back home to the original Evansville Fox affiliate," said Eric Stremming, WEVV's creative services director, "especially since the Fox44 brand was and still is very recognizable in this market."

As previously announced, the new Fox44 will go live on July 1.

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