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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

UPDATED - The Derby City Chronicle: RTV coming to WBNA

UPDATE #1, 9:55 AM, July 28: Trip and Jarrod in Breckinridge County both wrote in this morning to let me know that RTV's site has it wrong, which is sort of what I figured all along. RTV programming is on 21.4 and is now on air. Thanks, guys!

UPDATE #2, 10:15 AM, July 28: See below for WBNA's full subchannel lineup.

I received word tonight from Trip at that WBNA (21) in Louisville has added the Retro Television Network (RTV) to its diverse array of programming.

WBNA also carries Ion Networks' programming on its other digital channels, although it does appear that RTV has replaced the Worship channel.

WBNA's full subchannel lineup is now:
  • 21.1 - Ion
  • 21.2 - qubo
  • 21.3 - IonLife
  • 21.4 - RTV
  • 21.5 - GodTV
  • 21.6 - Daystar

1 comment:

Jarrod, Breckinridge County said...

Your post is correct about WBNA.
21.1 ION
21.2 Qubo
21.3 IONLife
21.4 RTV
21.5 GodTV
21.6 Daystar